ARID-AIRis a small electronic portable dehumidifier ideal for drying the air in medium to small spaces.  This unit was designed to meet the needs of the RV, Marine, Automotive, and Aviation industries.

ARID-AIRhelps prevent mold and mildew and can be used in smaller areas where more costly and bulky dehumidifiers prove impractical.

Other advantages are...

The Solid State Cooling Element condenses water which drips into the lower reservoir.  There is no compressor and there are no chemical agents to promote corrosion or harm the environment.  The Ultra Quiet Axial Fan is the only moving part.
Unlike full size dehumidifiers, the ARID-AIRruns on either AC or DC power and produces much less heat.  The free-standing unit is 90% smaller and can also be mounted directly to a wall or bulkhead.
Heater type units only redistribute the humidity. The ARID-AIRactually removes the moisture from the air and generates less heat in the process.