Order SeairTOOLStm (STPS)       pat pending 

Seair Tool Pocket System (STPS) 
indispensible 'body tools' for pilots, guides, sailors, skiiers, climbers, and divers 
proven from the high ice of Alaska's glaciers to Florida's Everglades, as well as in off-shore passage-making.
STPS INCLUDES: laser-spot xenon flashlight/triple bit hex driver/stainless zytel jacknife/visegrip locking plier/water-tight valuables pouch - all delivered in a self cleaning mesh pocket system which can be belt mounted or hung by it's loop.
COST: less than the individual items purchased separately - even without the mesh belt pocket ......$98.




4 Wheeler CarryOrTM                  Order 

Add $75 to Wide Trakker pricing, or upgrade later for $85 and equip your cart with 4 totally corrosion free poly hubbed wide pneumatic tires and a second axle.  These wheels will float over deep sugar sand, converting your dock cart to the ultimate FOUR WHEELIN' turf and garden cart!

Pneumatic Wheels
100+lb. payload 

45 gal. Capacity Cart